On-line activities

Individual activities

We are with you even if you don’t live in Rīga, or travel frequently! We offer individual activities remotely. Write to agnese.kasparova@institut-francais.lv, to negotiate an agreement about a suitable time and day for activities!


Activities in a small group (4–5 people)

Activities within a virtual classroom with a teacher – an opportunity to comprehensively learn a general French language course remotely. Required equipment: computer, internet connection, microphone, ear-phones and a web camera.

Prior to the commencement of the course – an introductory activity to introduce you to the on-line platform’s tools and functions.


September-December 2017 session: learning the Débutant A1.2 level course.

Book: Alter Ego +1 (parts 4.–6.)

Activities: 12.09–07.12.2017 Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am–11am

Course: 48 h

Cost: EUR 259 (cost for mini group EUR 349)

French language level: prior 50h language courses