About us

The French Institute in Latvia is the Republic of France’s official language and culture centre with more than 20 years of experience in teaching the French language to the most diverse target audiences.
It is also the only examination centre in Latvia where one can attain internationally recognized diplomas confirming a knowledge of the French language (DFP, DELF-DALF).

Our activities

We offer general French language courses and activities for in-depth language learning in groups and individually and activities for children, adolescents and adults. Based on the common European framework of reference for languages, the courses are offered throughout the year using three learning paces: non-intensive, semi-intensive and intensive. Activities take place in the French language to help course participants get used to a French environment.

Our teachers

We have local teachers and teachers from France at the French Institute, who have specialized in teaching the French language as a foreign language. They regularly upgrade their knowledge and skills with trainings set up by the French institute and its Latvian network.

Extra benefits

Doors to the French culture also open up for you through learning the French language at the French Institute with concerts, exhibitions, mediatheque, francophone get-togethers, story afternoons for children, a scientific cafe, film evenings for cinema lovers – everyone will find something that they like! Join our friendly community!

The French Institute in Latvia offers the following courses (1h = 60 min)

Type of course Duration Time of year Target audience
Non-intensive courses

48 hours

12 weeks

2×120 min. per week

Or 1 x week on

Saturdays for 120 min +

120 min

Autumn and winter sessions



5-6 in mini group

Semi-intensive courses

48 hours

8 weeks

3×120 min. per week

Autumn, winter and spring sessions
Intensive courses

48 hours

4 weeks

4×180 min. per week

Summer session
Special courses

9, 12 or 15 hours

per course

Autumn, winter, spring and summer sessions
Semester and non-intensive courses for adolescents

48 hours

17 weeks

2×90 min. per week

Autumn and spring sessions 10-14

48 hours

34 weeks

1×90 min. per week

Full year study
Intensive courses for adolescents

15 hours

2 weeks

5×90 min. per week

Summer session
Non-intensive courses for children

32 hours

32 weeks

1×60 min. per week

Full year study 10-14
Intensive courses for children

10-15 hours

2 weeks

5×60 min. per week


5×90 min. per week

Summer session
Individual activities By agreement At any time 1-2


Courses for company employees


By agreement