In-depth language courses


When travelling to one of the francophone countries, take along the minimum collection of necessary words and phrases with you in your baggage! The French Institute has developed a special training course which will allow you to take your first steps in the French language when planning your travel to one of the 30 countries where the French language is the state language.
Activities: in a group or individually
Commencement: as requested
Cost per course: to receive a quote, write to
French language level: none required



Dialogue is the key element of a film’s scenario and in combination with the image, it gains a special charm, creating intrigue and tension. By listening and examining French film dialogue, you will find out more, not only about French cinema, its genres, cult phrases and personalities, but also about the French language as we hear it, its accents, dynamics, lexicon and syntax.
Registration: from 25/09/2018
Activities: 08/10–10/12/2018
Course: 12 h
Cost: 89 €
French language level: starting from B1.1



The goal of the activity is to strengthen and perfect the basic knowledge of the French language acquired during the regular course through works of art, with each activity being dedicated to a specific theme, examining paintings, focusing attention on places, personalities, items and themes portrayed in works of art, and through carrying out interactive tasks.
The acquisition of language, like art, is a creative process!
Registration: from 14/08/2018
Venue: LNMM, Jaņa Rozentāla laukums 1
Activities for level A1: 15/09–15/12/2018 on Saturdays (10.15–11.45am)
Activities for level A2: 14/09–14/12/2018 on Fridays (5.30–7pm)
NEW! Activities for level B1: 14/09–14/12/2018 on Fridays (5.30–7pm)
Course: 12 h
Cost: 96 €