Semi-intensive session

Semi-intensive sessions in groups
8 weeks
120 minutes, 3 x per week on work days
Duration – 48 hours (1h = 30 min)


Registration: from 05/02/2019
Activities: 18/02–18/04/2019

MAY – JUNE 2019
Registration: from 02/04/2019
Activities: 07/05–28/06/2019

Training cost*
Full cost per course in a large group (10-15 people): 279 €
Cost with discount per course in a large group (10-15 people): 245 €**
Cost per course in a small group (5-6 people): 369 €


* The cost of course books is not included in the cost of the course. Course books can be purchased at the Globuss Bookshop in Vaļņu iela 26. You will receive a 20% discount on showing your French Institute mediateque card.
** To receive a student, pensioner or unemployed discount, you must show a valid student ID or a document which confirms your pensioner or unemployed status, prior to making a payment.
Family discount: if two or more members of the same family (for example, a husband and wife, or a brother and sister) attend the same training session activities, each of the family members receives the family discount.