Creative activities for children

Reading club for children (9–12 years)

The reading club is an opportunity to learn to read and comprehend, retell, evaluate, express one’s appreciations or dislikes. At the club, we will read silently and aloud, we will play with the French language.

Weekly meeting place – at the French Institute’s mediateque.

Registration: from 04/12/2018

Activities: 28/01–08/04/2019 Monday 5.30–6.30pm

Course: 10 h

Cost: 60 €

French language level: prior knowledge required

Everyone on stage! (5–8 years and 9–12 years)

We learn the basics of the art of acting, work with texts and practice the French language by acting in the French language in the theatre. The goal of the activity is to help children to express themselves orally more freely in the French language, to practice pronunciation and to complete tasks individually, in small groups or together.

11/01–22/03/2019 on Fridays 5.30–7pm

12/01–23/03/2019 on Saturdays 3.15–4.45pm

Registration: from 04/12/2018
Course: 18 h
Cost: 144 €
French language level: prior knowledge required


Fun at the museum! (9–11 years)

In the holidays we head to the Latvian national museum of art with the children! Under the guidance of teachers from the French Institute, the children will discover the National Museum of Fine Arts. During the activities the children will find out in French about paintings and what is portrayed in them: schools of art, colors, subjects, geographic forms, the family, professions etc. At the conclusion of the activities, there will be the opportunity for children to create their own works on the particular topic shown in the activity.

Activities will take place 2x a month on Saturdays from 12.30pm–2pm

Registration: from 04/12/2018
Venue: LNMM, Jaņa Rozentāla laukums 1
Activities: 26/01–13/04/2019
Course: 12 h
Cost: 96 €