French language and civilization up close


We invite you on a journey into the pages of French literature, finding out more about the style of classical and contemporary authors, personalities, the most outstanding works and their adaptation to cinema: Flaubert (Madam Bovary), Louis Ferdinand Céline (Journey to the End of the Night), Raymond Queneau (Zazi in the Metro), Albert Camus (The Stranger), Boris Vian (Froth on the Daydream), Françoise Sagan (Hello Sadness), Georges Perec (Life a User’s Manual) and Amélie Nothomb (The Happy Nostalgia).
Registration: from 25/09/2018
Activities: 08/10–10/12/2018
Course: 12 h
Cost: 96 €
French language level: B2-C1



The aim of the course – to find out about the main problems associated with learning the phonetics of the French language, to repeat the pronunciation of vowels and consonants, to understand why the French language “is not written as it’s spoken”, to connect writing with the sounds, as well as practicing French language intonation and pronunciation.
Registration: from 25/09/2018
Activities: 19/02–10/12/2018
Course: 12 h
Cost: 69 €
French language level: A1



The conversational workshops offer interactive activities, based on associations between language and action. Unexpected situations, challenges and personalities. What should you do if the lady at the bakery who is serving you, suddenly breaks down in tears? Or, if you are short of 10 cents when buying a train ticket? Or, if two people from whom you have asked directions, point in different directions and start arguing?
Writing workshops offer tasks where we write our own documents based on authentic ones: a thank you, a complaint, an invitation, and letters of inquiry in an e-mail format, a love letter, a comment on Facebook and Twitter.
Registration: from 04/12/2018
Activities: 07–18/01/2019
Course: 9 h
Cost: 54 €
French language level: A1-A2-B1-B2