Registrations for the semi-intensive session

You can now register for general French language courses (level A1). Courses will start on the 10th of October and the session will end on the 8th of December 2016. The rythm for this session is 3 times per week.

Read our page dedicated to the semi-intensive session to learn all the details.

You can also register to our in-depth language courses : Phonetics and pronunciation ; Conversational French et Preparing for the DELF B2 exam.

Discover also our NEW courses: Wine culture, The traveler’s French language, LE brunch et French civilization up close.


In autumn, we will commence regular wine tasting evenings where you will find out about the French world of wine with sommelier Jānis VOLKINŠTEINS.

During the activities, you will get to taste specially selected wines as well as finding out more about how specific grapes from different regions end up in the bottle, how to enjoy wine, and which food goes with which wine and much more.

Next get-together :24/09 ; 08 & 29/10; 12 & 26/11 & 10/12 from  17h00 to 19h00
Topic on the 24/09: Champagne
Activity: 2 h
Cost per evening: 25.00 EUR (snacks included)
French language level: none required
Evening-tastings venue: VIETA Kr.Valdemāra iela 61
15% discount available on French wine after the activities.
Offer is only available to those at least 18 years of age.


When travelling to one of the francophone countries, take along the minimum collection of necessary words and phrases with you in your baggage!

The French Institute has developed a special training course which will allow you to take your first steps in the French language when planning your travel to one of the 30 countries where the French language is the state language.

Activities: 10am-1pm on Saturdays
Starting: 8.10, 5.11. or as requested
Course: 12 h
Cost per course: 89.00 EUR
French language level: none required
Venue: French Institute


In broadening our collaboration with TINTO Wine Restaurant, we offer the opportunity to be involved in an informal activity over brunch 1-2 times per month with a French teacher.

This is an opportunity to spend Saturday morning involved in discussions in a French atmosphere, while enjoying a leisurely tasty meal.

Next get-together: 12 midday on Saturday, 1st October
Duration: 2h
Cost: 19.00 EUR
French language level: starting from A2.1
Venue: TINTO Wine Restaurant, Elizabetes iela 61
Regular cost for brunch at TINTO Wine Restaurant – 12.00 EUR.
Show your French Institute mediateque card and receive a free glass of wine!


In autumn, we will be starting a series of activities about French civilization.

In the first course, we will find out more about French companies (Renault, Michelin, l’Oréal, Danone, Yves Rocher etc.), which have made their names not just in France, but also in the world history book of civilization, culture and economics. During the activities we will be looking up close at the creation of the companies, the history of their development and the products they offer. Participation in the course will help you find out more about the French car which you may be driving, the hand cream which you might be using, or the yogurt which you might be eating.

Practical assignments to broaden your vocabulary are also include in the activities to help you develop your understanding of written text and to practice conversation.

Topics for coming series – French political personalities and great inventions.

Registration: from 22.9.2016
1st topic activities: 10.10 – 8.12.2016
Course: 12 h
Cost per course: 89.00 EUR
French language level: starting from B2.1
The series will continue: in the winter-spring and spring-summer sessions



The aim of the course – to find out about the main problems associated with learning the phonetics of the French language, to repeat the pronunciation of vowels and consonants, to understand why the French language “is not written as it’s spoken”, to connect writing with the sounds, as well as practicing French language intonation and word association with phonemes. 

Course: 12 h
Cost: 65.00 EUR
Level: A1 / A2-B1


The aim of the activity is to develop the ability to verbally communicate in the French language in everyday situations, to apply the grammar learned in general course activities in practice and to enrich vocabulary putting special emphasis on conversational French. Proposed activities: role-playing situations, discussions and an exchange of ideas about various topics selected each week

Course: 12 h
Cost: 65.00 EUR
Level: A1 / A2-B1


The aim of the course – to prepare for the DELF B2 level exam, working with standard exercises.All language skills are included in the activities: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Course: 12 h
Cost: 65.00 EUR
Level: B2