Reader’s guide


New documents and items, which are with another reader can be reserved on site at the médiathèque, by e-mail or by telephone. As soon as the item is available, a médiathèque employee will contact the person, who made the reservation personally.


Extending a borrowing period

The borrowing period for an item can be extended by telephone, by sending an e-mail or on site at the médiathèque, on the condition that the specific item has not been reserved.


Lost items

In cases where an item from the médiathèque has been lost or damaged, a monetary fine is levied to the value of the item, using the price in the catalogue as a guide.
Renewal of a lost reader’s card costs: 3.00 €.


Overdue items

A late fee is imposed for items which are not returned by the indicated date. The sum imposed is 1.00 € per week for each item which is not returned on time. Users who have not paid a late fee, may have their opportunity to borrow books and other documents suspended for a fixed period, or completely.


Use of the digital resources at the mediateque

The holder of a médiathèque reader’s card can use the tablets, internet and the multi-media kiosk for free. There are five tablets available for use by readers, which contain captivating and useful applications about culture, the French language, art, media, science, communications, tourism, practical matters and games for children.

All médiathèque visitors have a free Wi-Fi network available. A mediateque employee will provide the access code.



A card’s period of use is 2 years.
In order to observe copyright, only 10% of a document may be copied.


Excursions through the mediateque

The médiathèque offers interactive and entertaining excursions (by prior arrangement with a mediateque employee concerning the time of the excursion and other details) for school children, students and other interested parties.