The International Art Centre in Paris : Cité internationale des arts – Paris

The International Art Centre is located in Paris, in the Marais District, and has been operating as a residence for artists since 1965.

The International Art Centre’s programme, supported by the French Alliances and French Embassy Culture services, is meant for foreign artists from all fields who wish to develop creative and research based projects, while living in Paris for at least three consecutive months.

The International Art Centre’s Foundation offers artists residencies in workshops – studio-type apartments, which are meant both for living and working.

These workshops are 20 to 40 m2 in size, equipped with a small kitchen, bathroom and everything required (including bedding), and, depending on the discipline, also have easels, a piano and similar. The cost per workshop is from 415 to 750 euro per month. Prior to arrival, a security bond of 1 month’s workshop-studio hire must be paid. The security bond is returned at the end of the stay, after an inventory of the workshop has been completed.

Direct applications for a workshop-studio at the international Parisian International Art Centre:

  • Workshops-studios are meant for professionals in the visual arts and music fields
  • Applications are reviewed by a special committee (about 10% of applications are approved)
  • Restricted period of stay: from 3 months (minimal period) to 1 year (maximum period)
  • Workshop-studio costs: from 415 to 750 euro per month (depending on the size of the living area)
  • Application fee: 30 euros

To apply for a workshop-studio at the International Art Centre, please check the documents required for your particular discipline, complete the application and send it to the following address:

La Cité des Arts de Paris

18 rue de l’Hôtel de ville

75001 Paris