French and Latvian bilateral cooperation in the French Institute’s and the French Embassy’s Cooperation and Culture Service’s areas of competency are based on the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Latvia and the Government of the Republic of France on Cooperation in the Field of Culture, Education, Technics, Science and Technology signed on 14th April 1997.

The Agreement came into force on 1st September 1997, and is the basic strategic document for cooperation between France and Latvia in the areas outlined in the Agreement.

They are:
Linguistic and educational cooperation;
Cultural cooperation and audio-visual policy ;
Academic cooperation;
Scientific cooperation;
Decentralised cooperation.

The goal of French and Latvian bilateral cooperation is to advance the promotion of French experience in Latvia and to share Latvian experience in France in a variety of ways, in this way, strengthening the mutual understanding and connection between the two European Union and Euro Zone member states.

The goal of the French Institute is to set and implement this cooperation in the form of bilateral projects working closely with myriad reliable and highly qualified local partners, encompassing the wide range of topics determined in the 1997 Agreement. The French Institute also promotes visits by Latvian experts to France, to develop a French and Latvian partnership network of specialists.