Local councils

A number of French and Latvian local councils have signed mutual cooperation or partnership agreements. The French Embassy’s Cooperation and Culture Service promotes and furthers this exchange and the signing of new agreements.

  • Cooperation projects
    Every local council determines their own commitments with their cooperation partner. Joint projects affect a variety of areas: culture, education, territorial improvements, cultural heritage, the environment, tourism, sport and economic development.
  • Signed cooperation agreements
    Twelve French local councils have currently signed cooperation agreements with fourteen Latvian local councils. The signed agreements foresee the implementation of 23 cooperation projects; local councils of different levels are involved in the projects: regional, departmental and city.
  • Examples of cooperation
    Jūrmala and Cabourg
    Cooperation between the two cities commenced in 1974. Next year, cooperation between Jūrmalu and Cabourg will be marked in a special way – with an exhibition dedicated to French writer Marcel Proust. The writer regularly stayed at Cabourg, a city from which he derived the inspiration to create his imagined city of Baalbek on the Normandy Coast. It’s planned that the exhibition will be held at the Jūrmala City Museum. An academic conference will also take place within the framework of the project with French and Latvian specialists in the creative work of M. Proust taking part too. Helēna Demakova, the curator of the exhibition visited Cabourg in September this year to develop the exhibition project, and to also meet with Cabourg’s local council representatives and activists from the Marcel Proust Literary Society.


  • Bordeaux and Riga
gastronomie affiche Every year the City of Bordeaux allocates one stipend to a student from Latvia to learn the French language at courses in Bordeaux. The sister-city agreement between both cities was signed in 1993. To mark the 20th anniversary of this friendship, the French Week of Taste was held in Rīga in cooperation with the French Institute from 20th to 27th November 2013.


Rueil-Malmaison and Jelgava
The cooperation between the cities of Rueil-Malmaison and Jelgava in the fields of culture, education, sport and economics began in 2007. Within this framework, an agreement was signed between the Santos-Dumont Hospitality and Business Management Lyceum in Saint-Cloud and the Jelgava Trade Secondary High School, which includes student and teacher exchanges