Education and linguistic

The French Institute in Latvia promotes the French language and provides support for schools teaching in the French language. A number of long-term and short-term cooperation projects have already been implemented.

  • The Jules Verne Rīga French School
    From its establishment, with the support of the French Embassy in the Republic of Latvia, in 2007, the Jules Verne Riga French school has actively facilitated the international recognition and vitality of Rīga through its activities.
    The school offers children teaching in the French language: pre-school (in a small. medium or large group or in a young, middle or older group) and primary school (from CP to CM2) level.
    The Jules Verne Rīga French School has received accreditation from the French and Latvian ministries of education.
    The content of the teaching programme conforms to Latvia’s education standards.
    The work of the school is coordinated by APECEF, the parents’ association at the Jules Verne Rīga French School.
    From October 2014, the French Institute will be providing French language courses for the parents of the schoolchildren.
  • French language in Latvia
    According to statistical data from the Ministry of Education and Science about the range of foreign languages taught in Latvia, the French language ranks in fourth place behind the English, Russian and German languages.
  • The Rīga French Lyceum
    The Rīgas French Lyceum is a significant and historical cooperation partner of the French Institute, and the only school in Latvia, where one can learn the French language from the first year (corresponds with the preparatory class in France).
  • Cooperation methods
    In Rīga, a French lecturer leads the French language activities at the Rīga French Lyceum and at the Latvian Cultural academy.
    A French language lecturer-intern works at Daugavpils University.
  • Teaching of the French languages to employees at Latvian state institutions
    Latvia joined the International organisation of la Francophonie (OIF) as an observer nation in 2008. The French Institute in Latvia provides teaching in the French language to employees of Latvian state institutions within the framework of the French language in Diplomacy and State Administration Programme. This programme is funded by the International Organization of La Francophonie.
  • The French Institute and French language teachers
    A seminar for French language teachers is held every year where the participants are introduced to the latest teaching methods. French language teachers who work in Latvia are also provided with stipends for teaching or language practice in France. Application conditions are published in March on the French Institute’s internet site.
    The French Institute in Latvia supports the learning of the French language in schools, with some of the opportunities publicised on the Institute’s internet site.
  • Francophonie and European Day of Languages
    A number of entertaining events in the French language are held during the Month of the Francophonie (in March): a translating competition, a francophone song competition and a poetry reading competition.
    On the European Day of Languages, a French Language Olympiad takes place in cooperation with the French Language Teachers Association at the Latvian University Human Sciences Department  as part of Francophonie.
    Each year, the French Institute in Latvia takes part in events at the European Day of Languages, to promote the French language and to introduce young people to the French language courses which are on offer.