Individual activities

In parallel with activities in groups, the French Institute offers individual activities which can be held at the French Institute (Elizabetes iela 59) or elsewhere within the borders of the Rīga centre.

Want to learn at your own pace, according to a personalized program? Or you would like to learn quickly to communicate confidently in French? Our individual courses are designed for you. They offer you a custom solution outstretched toward accomplishing your goals. These tailor-made courses for children, teenagers and adults, cover general French language, in-depth language learning, French business and professional language.
Course content is determined from your previous knowledge and your expectations. Your teacher adapt courses to topics you want to address and can respond in a targeted manner to your needs, allowing you to learn quickly and efficiently.
You choose according to your needs, frequency, duration and location of the courses.


Training cost for individual activities (60 minutes)

If the individual activities take place at the French Institute:
– general course: 35 EUR
– specialized courses: 38 EUR

If the individual activities take place away from the French Institute:
– general course: 38 EUR
– specialized courses: 40 EUR