Non-intensive session

Non-intensive session in groups


Registration: from 24/03/2020
Activities: 18/04–20/07/2020

Activities 2x per week 120 min. on work days.


Special discounts for general courses for adults when applying for the spring-summer session of 2020!


Groupe with 7-14 participants:

10% discount for new students: 289 € > 259 €

15% discount for current students: 289 € > 245 €


Mini groupe with 5-6 participants:

Fee for the new students: 379 €

10% discount for current students: 379 € > 342 €


The fee can be payed in two payments.


The workbook and exercise book must be purchased separately, it can be done online, with a 15% discount, for purchases over 25 euro delivery with “Omniva” is free of charge.


The beginning of the session is planned remotely, however, classes will be continued at the French Institute as soon as it is possible.


NEW! The French Institute also offers group classes 100% remotely for those who want to connect to French language classes from anywhere in Latvia or the world.


Online lesson format:

  • interactive language learning with a teacher in a virtual classroom – Zoom
  • individual work with online materials, workbooks and exercise books