Conditions for enrolment and tuition fees

Course enrolment
Enrolment in courses is only possible online through the French Institute Latvia’s home page prior to the commencement of the particular session. As soon as the necessary minimum number of students for running a course have enrolled in the course chosen by the participant, the participant will receive an invoice, containing the commencement date of the activities, the day, time and place, the payment sum, the French Institute’s bank details and the date for payment. Participation in courses is guaranteed after the payment of the invoice.

Knowledge test

if you have prior knowledge of the French language,

but you have not attended French Institute courses



if you have not learned the French language

  • if you have attended courses at the French Institute in
  • the past year


The test is free if you have registered for a course.

The test takes place in the presence of a teacher for the elementary level,

while for the intermediate and advanced levels – online with Eval@ng.

The test takes place in the presence of a teacher for children and adolescents.


If you need a test, please write to


DELF-DALF and DFP exam enrolment
Exam enrolment takes place at the French Institute Course Secretariat at the advertised enrolment time only. The enrolment for exams is considered final after payment of the exam invoice.
Invitation to the exam is sent a week prior to the exam date. The invitation includes information on the date, place, time, duration of the exam.


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