Combating Hate Speech online: a Franco-Baltic perspective

In the framework of the Europe Day, French Institutes of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are pleased to invite you to this conference on combating hate speech online.

The dissemination of online hate speech has become one of the major concerns of democracies throughout Europe and the world. The virality of information, the reinforcement of extreme positions on social networks, the effects of filter bubbles endanger the peaceful organization of debates in the digital space.

However, regulating platforms is not easy without compromising freedom of expression and without turning into censorship. What balance should be found between the necessary combating of hate speech and the respect of fundamental rights?

To discuss this issue, four representatives of the Franco-Baltic regulatory authorities will present the debates in their countries and the initiatives proposed to deal with them:

  • Michèle Léribon, Member of the French Audiovisual Council’s College (CSA), in France;
  • Oliver Gailan, Head of Communications Department, Technical Regulatory Authority (TTJA), in Estonia;
  • Auleija Ieva Druviete, Vice-President of the National electronic mass media Council (NEMMC) in Latvia;
  • Vadim Gasperskij, Head of Legal Division and M. Andrius Katinas, Head of Supervision Division at the Radio and television Commission in Lithuania

Moderation will be ensured by Ms. Sabine Sile-Eglite, Director of the Centre for Media Studies at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

The event takes place online, by prior subscription.