The Color of the Light – Utopian Abstractions

The exhibition The Color of Light is in memory of Mark Rothko on the 50th anniversary of his death and experiments for the first time the mottled effects of light and color. The exhibition includes paintings, photos, videos, installations or sculptures with light effects, materials with varying intensity and color tones.

Among the five artists exhibited, two represent France: Go Segawa and Pascal Fancony.

Segawa creates sculptures in which three conceptually different elements can be felt at the same time: two dimensions (2D), three dimensions (3D) and gravity. Through painting and sculpture, Go Segawa tries to shift the design of two-dimensional space and the illusion of three-dimensional space.

As for P. Fancony, his work is based on four primary colors of high saturation producing effects of optical variations: video blue, bright red, medium yellow and light green. The artist himself and his audience are fascinated by the correlation of concrete optical variations and the metaphysical properties of color.