Courses and certifications

"I recommend private courses for those who want to refresh, quickly and efficiently, their past knowledge, as I did. Before the first lesson, I took a test so the teacher could evaluate my level. Thanks to the individual and personalized support given to me by my teacher, I rapidly overcame the language barrier and actively started to communicate in French."

Jūlija Kazmina

“Marine Legal Services” Co
"French Institute and the DELF B2 exam showed me that my knowledge in French is genuinely that of a B2 level user, I hope to take the C1 level exam soon!"

Iveta Kažoka

Director and senior policy analyst of PROVIDUS think tank
"I love studying at the French Institute in Latvia."

Iveta Kalnina

B2 level student
"French lessons delivered by the French Institute in Latvia allowed me to move to France. I settled down in Lyon to work in a transport company.

Raimonds Ozolins

Student of the French course for business

" I found your Institute really organized and the teachers excellent!"

Aline Koring

Private tuition student, preparation for DALF C1 exams
French Children