Diplomas / Certificates

Prove your level of French with an internationally recognized diploma!

The next session of DELF-DALF exams: 28-29 October!

DELF-DALF are diplomas recognized by the French Ministry of Education that are issued by France Education International. These diplomas allow the assessment of French language proficiency at A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 levels in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The following skills are assessed at each level: writing, reading, listening and speaking. 

Diplomas have various versions:

DELF Prim, 8-12 year old, A1.1-A2 level

DELF Junior et scolaire, 13-18 year old, A1-B2 level

DELF/DALF Tout public, from 18 years age, A1-C2 level

Different versions of single-level diplomas have identical value.
All diplomas are open-ended!

Preparation for DELF exams is included in general French language courses, individual lessons can be organized for all levels. We offer separate preparation courses and a test exam before the exam sessions. Follow the information!

If in doubt about your level, the French Institute offers an online test Ev@lang.

DELF-DALF exams examples: https://www.ciep.fr/delf-dalf

Exam fees: A1: A1: 66 eur, A2: 75 eur, B1: 91 eur, B2: 108 eur, C1: 125 eur, C2: 141 eur

When registering for the courses and for the exam, discount for the exam - 10%

Registration: until 15/10/2021
Exams: 28–29/10/2021

Registration: until 26/11/2021
Exams: 09–10/12/2021

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