Updated on 14 October 2020


Depending on the sanitary situation in Latvia and on the recommendations from the Latvian authorities, the following arrangements are likely to be modified in order to minimize the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus. Please, remember that any person from outside the Institute must respect the barrier gestures while entering the building: :

  • It is mandatory to wear a mask and/or a visor inside the Institute. Access to the Institute can be denied to anyone coming to the entrance without a mask or a visor. There is a tolerance for children under 13 years who come without wearing a mask or a visor.
  • Respect the regulatory distance of 2m/3m2 per person.
  • Hand disinfection with hydroalcoholic gel is mandatory before going through the second airlock door of the building. Regular hand disinfection is then required.
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow.
  • Use disposable handkerchiefs (not provided by the Institute) .

Information will be provided to course participants through the French Institute staff and the signage in the premises. The Institute reserves the right to refuse access to any visitor not respecting this code of conduct and presenting a risk to the other visitors and to the staff of the Institute. Wearing a mask and/or a visor is particularly important..

Visitors can be asked to fill in statements regarding their health condition and those of their relatives before using the services of the Institute. These statements are processed and stored within the framework of the privacy policy below.

Before entering our premises, we strongly advise you to contact us: or to call us: 67 20 18 51.


1. The organization of courses

1.1 The French Institute in Latvia (FIL) guarantees to provide high quality French language courses, based on the Common Guidelines prescribed by the Council of Europe and leading to the acquisition of internationally recognized French language diplomas. The activities are presented by highly qualified French language teachers.
1.2 Study programs of FIL are licensed by the Department of Education, Culture, and Sports of Riga City Council.
1.3 The language courses and exams take place at FIL, Elizabetes Street 59, or at hired by FIL venues in Riga’s center and Jurmala.
1.4 Course participants are informed by the Language Course Center about opportunities of applying for language courses and acquiring the internationally recognized French language certificates (Delf, Dalf) and business language certificates.
1.5 During Latvian state holidays, courses do not take place and are rescheduled to another day.

2. Procedure for courses and exams

2.1 The number of people allowed in normal groups – 10 to 14 people, and the number of people in small groups is estimated to be 5 – 6 people.
2.2 If the minimum number of participants required for a group was not achieved, the group can be disbanded or consolidated with another group of the same level.
2.3 If Latvian authorities decide to implement new sanitary restrictions, the French Institute in Latvia will have to led all the classes online, without possibility of refund.  Regarding courses for children who are under 9 years, special arrangements could apply since classes cannot occur remotely.
2.4 After every 60 minutes of learning process, a 5-minute break is provided. This duration can be modified due to sanitary instructions related to Covid-19 virus.
2.5 If a course participant is willing to change the study level during a semester (no later than 3 weeks after the beginning of the study session), he/she must notify the Language Course Center about it in writing. The change must be agreed upon the teacher of the group and the Language Course Center.
2.6 One week prior to the exam date, an invitation is sent with a reference to the exam venue, time and other practical information.

3. Teaching methods

3.1 The course programme provided by FIL and the additional learning materials chosen for the teaching process are based on the newest teaching methods in the field of French as a foreign language.
3.2 In order to make participants adapt to the French ambience, the classes are conducted in French.
3.3 At the end of the semester, all participants must pass a language test, which allows to determine the level of French language knowledge attained by each participant. Is the test is successfully passed, the course participant can move to the next level. If the test has not been successfully passed, the course participant will be offered either to attend for the second time the course that he/she failed or a special course.
3.4 If parents wish to obtain information about the academic progress of their child or adolescent and their attendance at courses, they must contact the Language Course Center.
3.5 Each course participant who is willing to receive a certificate of achievement should contact the Language Course Center.
3.6 Course participants can receive a consultation at the Language Course Center to find out if their level of knowledge commensurate with obtaining an internationally recognized diploma (DELF-DALF or DFP).
3.7 If a course participant wishes to acquire a certificate, he/she has to fill out the registration form, which contains all the necessary information to successfully pass the exam.
3.8 The same rules of conduct during the classes must be complied with also during the exams.

4. Obligations of course participants

4.1 Each course participant undertakes to contribute to the successful learning process during the courses and to respect other course participants (religion, politics, ethnicity, etc.)

5. Internal code of conduct for minors

5.1 The Institute is responsible for children’s safety only during the language classes. Parents or guardians (hereinafter – the parents) are responsible for children’s safety prior to/after the classes.
5.2 Children who are 7 years old or more, can make their way to/from classes without assistance. Children who are younger than 7 years must be taken to the classes by one of the parents, who hands the child over to a teacher at the beginning of the classes. After the classes one of the parents must wait for the child near the classroom.
5.3 The Institute does not provide child-minding at the Institute. If one of the parents is late due to unforeseen circumstances, they are obliged to inform the Institute’s Language Course Center about the delay (00371 67201858) or contact the Institute’s Information telephone number (00371 67201851).
5.4 If a child’s behaviour disrupts the learning process, the Language Course Center will notify the parents. If a child continues to hinder the learning process, they may be suspended from one or more classes without compensation.
5.5 Parents are obliged to inform FIL about a child’s health problems or special medication, which can be required in specific cases.
5.6 Parents have to inform the child about FIL’s internal code of conduct
5.7 Depending on the sanitary context and if the reglementary distance of 2m/3m2 per person cannot be respected, the Institute can ask an accompanying person not to stay inside the premises. This will be done to limit the number of persons which are simultaneously present inside the Institute premises.
5.8 If Latvian authorities decide to implement new sanitary restrictions, the French Institute in Latvia will have to led all the classes online, without possibility of refund.  Regarding courses for children who are under 9 years, special arrangements could apply since classes cannot occur remotely.


1. Services offered by the Multimedia library

    • On-site access to the entire collection
    • Opportunity to borrow documents at home (for most of the documents)
    • Access to the digital library “Culturthèque”
    • Access to 4 tablets
    • Access to videogames
    • Access to the Virtual Reality
    • Access to the Internet – Wi-fi connection and workspace
    • Opportunity to watch movies on-site
    • Opportunity to listen to the musique on-site
    • Live French television
    • Recent information about new acquisitions of the médiathèque
    • Excursions to the Multimedia library for small groups
    • Access to the online catalogue

These services are likely to be restricted according to the sanitary conditions related to the Covid-19 virus.

2. On-site access

Access to the Multimedia library is unrestricted and free of charge. All documents are classified according to the Dewey international classification system. The online catalogue helps to facilitate your research.

The process is likely to be modified according to the sanitary conditions related to the Covid-19 virus.

3. Registration

3.1. Documents to be provided:
3.1.1. ID document,
3.1.2. Photograph,
3.1.3. To receive concessions: a corresponding notice or certificate,
3.1.4. Completed registration form,
3.1.5. For the minors: parents or guardians have to sign Internal behaviour conditions of the Multimedia library of FIL

The process is likely to be modified according to the sanitary conditions related to the Covid-19 virus

4. Reservation

It is possible to make a reservation of a document on-site in the Multimedia library, on the Internet (, by phone or by e-mail (reservation is possible only when the document is already taken by another reader).

5. Renewal

All documents can be renewed by phone, on the internet (, by e-mail and on-site at the Multimedia library (each document can be renewed only once, if not needed by another member).

6. Loan terms

Having a reader’s card allows you to borrow various documents at home across all platforms (except for recent magazines, reference works and last releases).

Document type Number of documents Borrowing period
Books 5 3 weeks
Comics 3 3 weeks
Learning materials 3 1 week
French magazines 3 2 weeks
CDs 4 2 weeks
DVDs 2 2 weeks


7. Tablets, Internet and videogames

Access to the tablets, Internet, videogames and Virtual Reality is free of charge for all registered users of the Multimedia library.

These services are likely to be restricted  according to the sanitary conditions related to the Covid-19 virus.

8. Online catalogue

Online catalogue of the Multimedia library is available at the following link (

These services are likely to be restricted according to the sanitary conditions related to the Covid-19 virus.

9. Civil rules

Visitors :

9.1. Respect the neutrality of the Institute; all propaganda and poster advertising are prohibited,
9.2. Refrain from smoking, eating and speaking loudly,
9.3. Avoid creating any disturbance or noise (smartphone, mp3 player…) and keep quiet inside the premises,
9.4. Respect other visitors as well as the library staff.

Visitors are obliged to keep quiet in the reading rooms left at their disposal.

10. Document handling rules

10.1. Users are obliged to handle with care and sense of responsibility the documents that they borrow at home.
10.2. It is strictly forbidden to write, draw or make any other notes on the documents, to fold or rip out pages and the labels on them.
10.3. Any damaged document will be invoiced to the user, in accordance with the general terms and conditions of sale of the Institute


1. Registrations

The events organised by the Institute are free. You have to register before participating in any event organised inside the Institute premises. Your email address or your phone number are likely to be asked

2. Cancellation

Events might be cancelled. The audience will be informed through social media and through the website of the Institute. If you have given us your contact details, we will contact you personally. .

3. Participation rules 

The above-mentionned rules of civility and respect shall apply .

4. Warning regarding image rights

During events or activities organised by the Institute, photos or videos might be taken and used for advertising or storing purposes on our website or on our social media. When you attend one of our events, you accept to be photographed and/or filmed. You also authorize the Institute to use the images for advertising or storing purposes. To have more information or to exert your right to withdraw, please write to the following email address: