Internal regulations


1. Arrangements related to the sanitary situation

1.1 Active arrangements are published on the Institute's website and displayed on the premises of the building.  The Institute has the right not to accept a visitor who does not respect these arrangements and would present a risk to other visitors and the staff members of the Institute.

1.2 Depending on the sanitary situation in Latvia and on the recommendations from the Latvian authorities, the following arrangements related to the sanitary situation are likely to be modified to minimize the risk of COVID-19 virus spreading.

1.3 According to the regulations in force put in place by Latvian authorities, visitors may be required to present their COVID19 certificate or a negative PCR test in order to be able to access the service of courses or events of the French Institute of Latvia.


2. Access to the Institute

2.1 The service of security is responsible for welcoming, controlling, and directing people who are entering the building.

2.2 Anyone who wishes to enter in the Institute must introduce themselves after ringing the intercom, and then present themselves to the security guard at the entrance hall. People who are registered to a class or the multimedia library must show their student or library membership card to the security guard.

2.3 Luggage or large bags, whose content is not necessary for an activity on the premises of the Institute, are not allowed.

2.4 The security service has the right to ask visitors to pass through the metal detector gate to check the contents of the bags, either visually or with the help of the X-ray scanner. Visitors who refuse these control operations are not allowed to enter the Institute.



3.1 The Institute's internal rules state that the student commits to participate in the smooth running of the course and to respect the other students and teachers in the class (especially about topics like religion, politics, ethnicity, etc.), to not disturb the work of other students and teachers, to not endanger with their behavior their own health and safety (as well as of others), and to respect the order and cleanliness in the classrooms.

3.2 The Institute is committed to ensure the courses and official examinations following the obligations of health, safety, respect for human rights and the rights of children, according to the active regulations in Latvia.

3.3 The Institute has the right to expel a student from the course in case of repeated violation of the internal rules stated here.

3.4 The Institute is not responsible for thefts, losses, damages, and accidents that occur during the student’s presence in the Institute. It is strongly advised not to bring valuable possessions into the classes.


4. Internal regulations for minors

4.1 The Institute is responsible for children's safety only during the face-to-face course. Parents or guardians (hereinafter – the tutors) are responsible for children's safety before and after the classes. If one of the parents is late due to unforeseen circumstances, they are obliged to inform the Institute's Language Course Center about the delay (67 20 18 58) or contact the Institute’s Information telephone number (67 20 18 51).

4.2 Children who are 7 years old or older can make their way to/from classes without assistance. Children who are younger than 7 years old must be taken to the classes by one of the parents, who hands the child over to a teacher at the beginning of the class. After the class, one of the parents must wait for the child near to the classroom.

4.3 Depending on the sanitary context and if the regulatory distance of 2m/3m2 per person cannot be respected, the Institute can ask an accompanying person not to stay inside the premises in order to limit the number of people who are simultaneously present inside the premises. The situation of those accompanying minors with disabilities may be subject to an exception.

4.4 If a child’s behavior disturbs the learning process, the Language Course Center will notify and call the parents. If these disturbances persists, the child may be excluded from one or more courses, without refund for the courses that have not been taken.

4.5 Parents must inform the Language Course Center about the possible health problems of their child, in particular in a situation of handicap or essential medication to their health or safety.

4.6 Parents have to inform their child about the Language Course Centre’s internal code of conduct / regulations, in the most appropriate way for their age.


5. Events

5.1 For any event organized in the premises of the Institute, a prior registration is required. Email address and/or phone number is likely to be asked.

5.2 During events or activities organized by the Institute, photos or videos might be taken and used for advertising or storing purposes on our website or our social media. By participating in these events, those present agree to be photographed and/or filmed and authorize the Institute to use the images for advertising or archival purposes. For more information or to exert your right to withdraw, please write to the following email address:


6. Fire safety

6.1 In case of fire alarm, those present on the premises of the Institute are asked to follow immediately, to facilitate evacuation, a person from the staff of the Institute to the nearest exit (main entrance door or emergency exit of the building)

6.2 If the exit operates by the main entrance door, people are required to get together in front of the courtyard entrance gate on Boulevard Rainis. People using the emergency exit must meet in the embassy courtyard at the assembly point which is indicated by the pictogram below :

6.3 It is strictly forbidden to open the emergency exit outside of an emergency situation (fire siren for example). Any unjustified opening of the emergency exit door is likely to be the subject of a summons from the parents if the child is a minor, or a possible exclusion if the person is an adult.


7. Final provisions

7.1 This regulation is an integral part of the registration form for language courses and the official French language exams.

7.2 The internal regulation of procedure is translated from Latvian into French and English. In case of differences between the versions, the Latvian version prevails.