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The French Institute in Latvia on a mission to promote the influence of French culture

The French Institute of Latvia, based in Riga, an establishment financially autonomous, is under the authority of the French Embassy and is actively participating in the French diplomacy of influence.

In addition to our heart mission of teaching French language through our Language centre, we strive to highlight the multi-faceted nature of the French excellence (in various fields such as the new information technologies, cultural and creative industries, digital culture, talks and debates, etc.) on a mission to spread the influence of France thanks to a completely innovative and multidisciplinary approach for the widest range of audiences.

In order to implement our actions, the French Institute in Latvia works in close cooperation with the French Institute in Paris, which is the French public institution responsible for the international cultural actions of France, under the supervision of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture.


Promotion of the French language: Linguistic and educational cooperation

The French Institute in Latvia supports the efforts of the French Embassy to promote French language by working in close cooperation with local authorities and institutional partners.

The French Institute in Latvia provides French language teachers of Latvia an access to training, innovative textbooks and resources, while at the same time promoting cooperation between all participants of the educational process in Latvia. The French Institute in Latvia also hosts numerous events (competitions, meetings, etc.) aimed at stimulating or strengthening the desire to learn French.

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Actions and influence: Cultural and audio-visual cooperation

The French Institute in Latvia encourages mobility programs for artists and culture professionals in particular through residency programs, ensures the implementation of artistic cooperation and exchanges with the largest Latvian festivals, supports Latvian publishers in the translation and publication of French books, etc. Find more about our actions in the field of cultural and audio-visual cooperation.

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Actions and influence: science, society and innovations

The French Institute in Latvia carries out Franco-Latvian scientific cooperation that encourages the exchange of information between laboratories of the two countries in order to develop a European research network and facilitate easier dissemination of knowledge in the European Union. The Institute actively encourages the discussion of new ideas with the participation of French experts and voices at conferences, seminars and other international debates organized in Latvia. Special attention is given to the major global issues and social questions: gender equality, environmental issues (climate, biodiversity, sustainable development), technological development matters, the European project, memory studies, the media, etc.

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Dialogue and exchanges: administrative and decentralized cooperation

The French Institute in Latvia supports the Cooperation and Cultural Action Service of the French Embassy in Latvia by creating projects within the framework of administrative cooperation, as well as assisting projects of decentralized cooperation between local authorities of both countries.Read more


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