Actions and influence: cultural and audio-visual cooperation

The French Institute in Latvia is a recognized cultural operator in Latvia, Riga and all over the country. The French Institute in Latvia organizes various artistic exchanges between France and Latvia in the following fields: architecture and heritage, visual arts, cinema, design, cultural industries, gastronomy, mass media, contemporary music, live performances and tourism. The French Institute in Latvia provides a rich, diverse and high quality program of cultural events throughout the year thanks to many trustworthy and dedicated partnerships built with Latvian and French institutions.

One of the most important missions of the French Institute in Latvia is to promote, disseminate and show contemporary French creativity among the Latvian public. To that end, the French Institute in Latvia develops cooperation between Latvia and France in all the fields of artistic creation. The French Institute also supports public and private initiatives which bring to Latvia the work of French artists and which help the circulation of French creations.


The Action of the French Institute in Latvia aims at promoting the cinematic and audio-visual creations - whether for sale or for noncommercial distribution - as well as encouraging cooperation between French and Latvian professionals in the audio-visual sector and in the creative industries which include cinema, design, contemporary music, digital technologies, video games, television and radio.


The French Institute in Latvia is dedicated to the promotion of French books in Latvia and therefore offers a support the book professionals and stakeholders in this sector i.e publishing companies, translators, writers and book sellers who wish to enhance the exchanges between France and Latvia

The French Institute in Latvia - together with the Danish Cultural Institute, The Goethe-Institut, The British Council, The Latvian Institute and the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia (Norden) - is a member of EUNIC-Latvia, the network of the European national institutes of culture (EUNIC).
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