French language courses for entreprises

Employees who speak multiple foreign languages are a significant benefit for a company that is already operating or wants to expand its activity to a global market.

The French Institute in Latvia proposes French language training programmes which are tailored to the sphere of activities of a business and the needs of employees:
• standard French language,
• French business language,
• French language activities for achieving a special goal.

The activities of French Institute in Latvia will allow your employees to:
• participate in discussions where French language is the working language (meetings, telephone calls, concluding deals etc.);
• learn and use the acquired vocabulary in your field of activity (jurisprudence, diplomacy, customer service, banks, cultural sector, tourism, health, education etc.);
• improve your level of knowledge of French language by developing all skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

French language courses for businesses can be organized in groups or for individuals at the premises of the French Institute in Latvia (9 Raina bulvaris, Riga), outside the premises or online.

Prior to commencing courses, we undertake detailed training goals analysis and determine the level of knowledge of the French language for training participants.

The French Institute in Latvia is the only examination centre in Latvia that issues internationally recognized standard French language (DELF-DALF) diplomas and French business language (DFP) diplomas. The training programme includes passing an exam and delivery of an internationally recognized diploma.

To sign up for a course and receive information about activities and prices, please fill out the form: