LAMPA FESTIVAL, Discussion “Facing Populism: From Politics of Resentment to Politics of Respect?”

 Date and time: August 20, 20:00-21:30
 Stage: 20 Zviedru skatuve
Event language: English

Populism has become pervasive in contemporary politics almost everywhere. Despite the diversity of contexts, some key drivers can be identified. In addition to the presence of a charismatic leader, populist movements express the rejection of cosmopolitan, urban elites by the ‘authentic’ people.


According to US political scientist Katherine Cramer, this resentment is driven by three feelings:

  1. The feeling of being excluded from economic redistribution;
  2. The feeling of being excluded from the centres of power;
  3. The feeling of having one’s identity disrespected.

The roundtable will expose the existence of such resentment in Latvia, France and elsewhere, before delving into the issue of the means for turning such politics of resentment into politics of respect.