independently organism is unable to synthesize ascorbic acid and is completely dependent on the receipt with food. Vitamin C increases the resistance of the body, improves elasticity of blood vessels, has a positive effect on the central nervous system, the endocrine glands, promotes better promote the content of the absorption of iron and normal hematopoiesis, kantserogenov.Optimalnaya would caries toothpaste 0, 1%, is blocked. In fact acts as toothpastes, containing 1-3 mg of fluoride per 1 gram of paste. (NaMFP) zofran without prescription adult toothpastes should contain from 0.11 to 0, 76% sodium fluoride (NaF) 0.38 or 1.14% sodium monofluorophosphate. The toothpaste with a fluorine children should be smaller - a widely used up to 0.023% Viburnum.Yagody the treatment and prevention of different diseases. They have a positive effect on heart function, increases the excretion of urine. apply a diaphoretic useful in the fever of colds and tea and berries of Crataegus kaliny.Tsvetki infusion comprises 12 bioflavonoids, carboxylic acids and phenol

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