>>>Science newsletter n°14<<<


The French Institute and the French Embassy’s Cooperation and Culture Service promote French – Latvian cooperation in the area of science and research, and are the most significant university and research institution partners.

Latest processes in science in Latvia

  • Science newsletter
    Articles about the latest things happening in science in Latvia are published every trimester. They are freely available on the internet. The Science newsletter review various topics about the latest events in science: research policy, higher education, bilateral and international cooperation and innovations.
  • Information page Curie+
    Information page Curie+ is a document, which collates facts about the status of science and research in Latvia. The information page, prepared by the French Institute is done in cooperation with the Science and Technology Observatory.
  • Events promoting science
    The French Institute in Latvia organizes exhibitions for the wider public and participates in events promoting science.
    Thematic exhibitions can be seen in libraries, institutions and universities in a range of Latvian towns. Interactive exhibitions which are organized in cooperation with scientific centres in France are held at the French Institute and elsewhere.
    Each year, the French Institute in Latvia takes part in „Zinātnieku nakts” events, as well as festivals devoted to science held by universities.


  • French scientists’ travel to Latvia
    Individual visits by French scientists are organized to promote reciprocal exchanges between universities and research institutions, and to provide opportunities for French researchers and scientists to establish their initial contacts in Latvia.
  • The French Government’s programme of stipends for doctoral studies.
    Every year the French government’s stipend programme for doctoral studies provides funding for the development of doctorates under the supervision of two supervisors (one in Latvia and the other in – France).
  • The Hubert Curien Partnership Programme, Osmoze
    The Hubert Curien Partnership Programme, Osmoze, has been operating since 2002, when the agreement between the Republic of Latvia’s Ministry of Education and Science and the French Republic’s Foreign and European Matters Ministry came into force. The Programme financially supports travel to undertake scientific research, promoting the development of high level and long-term cooperation between Latvian and French research institutions. Current application is open (untill 31st of May 2019) :